Rabbit Bone Broth

Rabbit Bone Broth

The easiest way to make bone broth, and cook your rabbit at the same time!

Rabbit Broth & Cooked rabbit

 Rabbit Broth (Make the night before or early in the day)

Combine rabbit into a stock pot and add water until rabbit is covered. Add a few carrots, an onion, celery, a splash of apple cider vinegar as well as salt and pepper. Allow to simmer for 6-8hrs to cook and create broth. Remove rabbit from stock and collect meat off bones. Store meat in air tight container for adding to pot pie, or your favorite recipe. Strain the stock for delicious broth to have on it own or replace broth in any other recipes. This will allow you to have rabbit broth and a cooked rabbit for this recipe. 


Use the cook rabbit in substitute of cooked chicken: Great to make:

  • Rabbit Pot Pie (See our recipe)
  • Rabbit Salad Sandwich 
  • Rabbit Caesar Salad 
  • Rabbit Enchilada 
  • Rabbit Tacos
  • Rabbit Nachos
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